Aeropress Go


The Aeropress GO is a brand new version of one of the most popular coffee brewers, with a renewed design ideal for all home baristas and coffee lovers who want to prepare a great coffee even when traveling and outdoors!



Everything you want to know

The Aeropress GO is the evolution of the classic Aeropress, invented in 2005 by Alan Adler. This new model has the same features and versatility of first model, yet it comes in a more compact version equipped with an included mug of about 450 ml which also turns into the perfect container for storing its accessories.

This makes it ideal for outdoor and travel use. In fact, you'll find a stirrer inside the cup, a spoon to measure the coffee and a practical filter holder that can hold up to 20 paper filters and metal filters.

The compactness and comfort of this Aeropress GO force it to a slightly lower capacity than the classic Aeropress (240ml against 300ml of the classic model). However, during testing we found this measure enough for the preparation of an excellent cup of filter coffee.

The results of the Aeropress extraction, are similar in body to a classic Moka. However, the Aeropress extraction doesn't give the coffee any bitter and burnt notes, something that can unfortunately happen with the high temperatures to which the Moka pot is exposed.

In the box you'll also find 350 paper filters (you can find the future refill filters, here!)  If instead you prefer a reusable, eternal and ecologically sustainable filter, try this metal one.


  • Material: PET
  • Sizes: from 1 to 3 cups

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