Alta Mogiana Franca




Aromatic notes


Grown and processed in the Alta Mogiana district, Brazil is the leading producer and exporter of coffee in the world. A fruity and sweet cup of coffee.


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Who roasts our coffees?
Rob The Roaster, the Italian-Dutch trainer of Espresso Academy and SCA authorized, roasts your coffee. A great explorer of coffee, its processing methods, roasting profiles and the whole world who lives behind a cup of coffee.
Would you like to contact Rob The Roaster for more information on coffees and roasting profiles? Write to him at
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When do we roast?
Rob roasts your coffee on Tuesdays and Fridays, following the orders arrived. If roasted for espresso, the coffees are then subjected to degassing for 2-4 days, depending on the season and the variety of coffee.

Origin: Alta Mogiana

Finca: Cooperative Alta Mogiana

Growth altitude: 900-1000 mt a.s.l.

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra

Processing method: Natural

Everything you want to know

Brazilian coffees are distinguished by their natural roundness, giving an extremely clean cup that binds to any other origin without overpowering the taste. This is why it's frequently used as a base for blends. Of course it's impossible to speak of" classic Brazilian coffee" because of the vast size of this country, but some areas give a very uniform and stable bean quality.

This Alta Mogiana coffee has an intense body with a good acidity and a nice medium sweetness: the classic Brazilian taste. For this evaluation, this coffee was tasted and extracted in espresso at 93°C, with an extraction of 25 ml in 25 seconds. The degassing of the coffee took about 48 hours. The crema has a hazelnut color, with slightly reddish hues. We can smell clear sensations of toast and biscuit, in some cases of cocoa biscuit. To the taste, the coffee has a medium body and a very pleasant sweetness, harmonized by a slight bitter sensation and a very soft acidity. A perfect coffee for espresso or moka.

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