Cappuccino Coloring Kit

8 color set

Why not bring some color to your coffee shop? A set consisting of 8 food dyes perfect for making artistic cappuccinos. Finally you can amaze your customers, expressing your creative vein to the fullest.


Everything you want to know

Looking at social media nowadays, we are constantly seeing beautiful photos and videos of beautifully decorated cappuccino. From new rainbow variants, to cups of colored and decorated milk without using any coffee, which also very suitable even for children or whoever doesn't drink coffee.

How to use cappuccino colors?

This set is made up of 8 different colors. The odorless and colorless edible gel must be diluted in hot water or milk as it is a very concentrated liquid. Afterwards, pour a little hot milk into the bottom of the cup and then dissolve a teaspoon of coloring in the same milk and mix it. At this point we will pour the milk with the techniques of Latte Art, creating the desired designs, such as those that accompany  this product sheet.

For the rainbow cappuccino technique, on the other hand, the milk is whipped with the Latte Art milk jug. After having well emulsified and turned the milk, quickly arrange, with the tip of a spoon or with a topping bottle, some strips of color just diluted in water or milk on the surface. By pouring the obtained colored liquid, we will create beautiful effects.

We advise you to do some testing first. We also did some calculations and saw how, simply taking care to close the bottles to prevent the colors from drying out, with our color set you can make over 3000 cappuccinos.

A perfect product for the barista who always wants to offer something new in his coffee shop, who wants to amaze his customers by bringing color and joy.


- Colorless and odorless gel food coloring
- Available colors: red, orange, blue, purple, green, black, pink and yellow

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