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Hoop Coffee Brewer, an innovative creation by Ceado and winner of the Best New Product Award SCA at the last World of Coffee in Athens.





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The Hoop Coffee Brewer, an innovative creation by Ceado Atene, is your perfect companion in the world of coffee. Its ease of use and versatility have earned it the Best New Product Award SCA at the last World of Coffee in Athens.

Hoop utilizes radial infusion technology through its Flow Tower, ensuring that water passes through the coffee evenly without creating preferential paths. Furthermore, thanks to the holes in the Flow Tower, water flows through the coffee with the same quantity and intensity, ensuring a consistent high-quality extraction. With Hoop, you can achieve a full and concentrated coffee effortlessly, as water reaches the paper filter only after completing its passage through the coffee.

How to brew coffee with HOOP:

  1. Unscrew the two parts.
  2. Place the filter at the bottom in the center.
  3. Screw the central cylinder back over the filter.
  4. Pour the coffee into the central cylinder.
  5. Pour water into the circular outer part, performing pre-infusion and then continuing to the desired quantity.
  6. Water will pass, through the tiny holes, into the self-dosing inner part.
  7. Wait for the complete percolation of water through the filter.

The clean and simple design of Hoop makes cleaning a breeze, with all elements easily disassembled and washable under water or in the dishwasher. Made of durable BPA-free plastic, Hoop is not only resilient over time but also easy to clean and maintain.

Hoop is compatible with all Aeropress filters, both paper and metal.

The inventor of Hoop suggests a recipe as a starting point, but the invitation is to experiment and create your unique coffee experience. With a maximum recommended dose of 20g of coffee, Hoop offers you the freedom to customize your coffee with style and ease. Enter the world of coffee with Hoop and discover your unique path in taste and preparation.

Technical Sheet:

  • Material - BPA-Free plastic
  • Color - Ice White-Aquamarine
  • Weight - 165 g Coffee
  • capacity - 20 g
  • Height 13.2 cm
  • Width 8.4 cm

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