“Coffee Experts”

coffee manual

“Coffee Experts” is a journey that has as its compass the constant and passionate search for quality in every sector of the coffee supply chain.  Available in two languages: English and Italian.


Everything you want to know

Coffee Experts offers a fascinating journey into the world of coffee, explored from various points of view and perspectives through the competent contributions of some of the leading experts in the sector.

Enriched with more than 500 photos and illustrations, it ranges from the history and characteristics of the plant to the careful selection and processing of the raw grain; from the effects of the drink on the body to roasting techniques; from the sensory and aromatic sphere to the world of baristas and the equipment used; from the evolution of the coffee maker to alternative extraction and preparation methods to espresso, up to the new frontiers of digital technologies in Industry 4.0 and a focus on sustainability, which looks to the future of the supply chain and the planet

A journey into the world of coffee in 9 chapters:

• History and characteristics of the coffee plant
• Selection and processing of the raw bean
• Roasting techniques
• Sensory and aromatic sphere
• The transformations of the coffee shop over time
• Extraction methods alternative to espresso
• The world of the barista
• Industry 4.0 and new frontiers of technology
• Focus on the sustainability and future of the supply chain and the Planet

This book is written in Italian and Eglish language.

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