“Coffee tasting”

professional tasting manual

Coffee Tasting” is a volume that clearly guides the reader on a journey to discover the fascinating world of professional coffee tasting, written in two languages: Italian and English.


Everything you want to know

Coffee tasting” by the Bazzara brothers, is a must-have of every coffee lover's library.

Through exhaustive texts in both in Italian and English, and with over 500 illustrations, this book guides the reader to the discovery and deepening of coffee tasting.

This almost 400 page manual is divided into 8 large chapters that cover the history of coffee tasting, the various types of beans, the rules for proper tasting, as well as offering a complete look at the various methods of coffee preparation around the world:

1  - The history of coffee tasting

2  - Getting to know coffee

3 - The types of coffee

4 - The sensory universe

5 - How to taste coffee

6 - The Espresso Method

7 - Comparison tasting

8 - Coffee preparation worldwide

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