Coffee Grinder Funnel

stainless steel

One of the best coffee tools for Home- and professional baristas, as it allows all the ground coffee to fall into your portafilter without any waste


Everything you want to know

Those of you who work with an Espresso machine professionally (or simply at home), know very well that grinding and dosing the coffee inside the portafilter is the time when it’s easiest to get dirty on the counter, spilling ground coffee.

This tool is a simple stainless steel funnel designed to convey all the ground coffee inside the filter.

It perfectly fits all filters from 57 to 58.5mm. Once the filter is filled, it also facilitates a perfect and clean leveling of the coffee before pressing.

This coffee grinder funnel is made of stainless steel here in Italy and has a height of 40mm to perfectly fit under all on-demand coffee grinders available on the market.

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