Counter milk frothing jug cleaner

for milk jugs

Always have perfectly clean, cold and ready-to-use milk jugs with this fast and effective rinser ideal to be placed next to every espresso machine inside your coffee shop!




Everything you want to know

The professional barista is well aware of the importance of having a clean and cool milk jug before frothing. This rinsing tool for milk jugs guarantees a good result in a few seconds by cleaning your milk jugs immediately after use.

Simply place the milk jug on the sprayer which cleans perfectly thanks to the rotation of the disc. Its preferable to use it with cold water to also help lowering the temperature of the milk jug at the same time, if it's just been used.


  • Dimensions: 174x 160x69 mm
  • Designed to perfectly fit in the espresso counter area
  • Equipped with pipes for drainage
  • Works with both hot and cold water

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