Motta Milk Jug

for cappuccino & Latte Art

The Motta milk jug cannot be missing among the fundamental tools of every barista, for the creation of cappuccinos and Latte Art.



Everything you want to know

Every barista needs one of these milk jugs in their range of essential espresso and Latte Art tools. It allows to face all customers' requests: from cappuccino to macchiato, minimizing milk waste and ensuring constant quality.

Frothing milk with this milk jug requires absolutely no advanced skills if you're already an experienced barista. This type of milk jug covers every need in terms of quantities, thanks to its various available sizes.


  • available sizes: 25 cl, 35 cl, 50 cl, 75 cl
  • available colors: stainless steel, black, orange, red, white

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