Cold Drip/Cold Brew

Summer means it’s Cold Drip time! If you want to enjoy an amazing cold pressed coffee, the Dripster is the right tool for you.



Everything you want to know

There is nothing better than an excellent cold coffee to quench your thirst, not only in the hottest season. There are many reasons for choosing a cold coffee extraction. The Cold Drip in fact, does not extract the bitter notes of coffee, also limiting acidity and caffeine.

The Dripster is a very compact Cold Drip, ideal for preparing cold coffee at home but also for stores that want to offer their customers something different with a small investment.

The new version of the Dripster offers the possibility of being used both as a Cold Drip method, drop by drop, and to prepare a full immersion Cold Brew concentrate, leaving water and coffee in contact for 18 / 24h.

How to prepare your Cold drip coffee with the Dripster
  • Insert the metal filter inside the coffee container and fill with 45g of ground coffee with the right filter coffee grind settings
  • Fill the upper tank with 600g of water and wet the coffee surface evenly
  • Adjust the valve so that approximately one drop of water falls each second
  • Wait until all the water has passed through the coffee and then you can taste our drink
How to prepare a Full Immersion Cold brew Concentrate with Dripster
  • Close the rotary valve completely, put the metal filter in the water tank and add 150gr of coffee
  • Place the water tank on the glass jug and fill it with 600ml of cold water
  • Leave coffee in infusion for 18/24 hours
  • Open the valve and let the Cold Brew concentrate flow into the glass caraffe.
  • Enjoy

Smooth, on the rocks, with milk, with almond milk, but also with tonic water and a slice of lime! Cold brew can be the ideal ingredient for your summer drinks. You can enjoy it immediately or store it in the fridge and consume it in a few days without problems!


  • Materials: glass, plastic
  • Filter: steel
  • Size: width 10 cm, length 10 cm, height 28 cm


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