Cold Drip Vic-02


The slow drop by drop extraction of the cold drip system allows to obtain a real cold infusion. Try it with some tonic water and a slice of orange!

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Especially during summer, we love to prepare a thirst-quenching cold coffee! This Cold Brew is great for a quick and easy extraction to serve your customers, friends and family.

The Cold Drip Hario Vic-02 is made of a glass carafe on top of which the external support is applied. This element should then be filled with ice and covered with a diffuser that will allow the coffee to be better distributed over the ice. At this point, all you need to do is position the supplied Dripper cone, the paper filter and start the extraction with hot water (92/96 °C). Sounds similar to the V60? It is!

The ice container allows the ice cubes to always remain above the coffee level so that every drop which falls from the V60 first touches the ice to cool quickly.

We advise you to start using 36/40 grams of light roasted coffee, 300 grams of ice and 300 grams of water for the extraction which must take place in 2/3 minutes. The recommended grinding is finer than the V60, in order to increase the contact time between the coffee and the water which, in this case, is much less quantity compared to a normal extraction.


  • Plastic V60 cone
  • 600 ml thermo glass Carafe with lid
  • Plastic ice holder
  • Plastic flow diffuser
  • includes 10 x Hario 02 filters

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