Cold drip

Hario Clear

A very special Coffee maker, an attraction for your counter which delivers a sweet, cold and aromatic coffee slowly brewed with cold water.

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Everything you want to know

The Cold drip Hario Clear, has a unique design, reminiscent of distillation stills, and manages to fascinate and conquer your customers.

Obviously, the barista with a slow extraction prepared in front of the customer, has time to tell and explain the secrets of this method that allows you to prepare a drink without any acidity and with excellent sweetness thanks to the low temperature of the water that does not extract the bitter substances from the coffee.

How do you prepare a coffee with Cold Drip?

  • Place the server in the lower part of the column,
  • In the central part, insert the glass cylinder where with the metal filter and  the ground coffee with a medium-large grain size
  • Which coffee to use? Definitely an Arabica coffee with filter roasting.
  • Place the round paper filter over the coffee to distribute the water evenly on it and avoid channeling
  • Pour the water (and possibly some ice) in the upper part using a brew ratio of 80gr / l (at least at the start, then we can also experiment with other recipes!) and start the extraction by adjusting the tap with about 6 drops of water every 10 seconds
  • At this point, just wait for all the water to be filtered into the jug and after about 6/8 hours... Enjoy!

Material: glass, plastic
Metallic filter: steel
Dimensions: 15cm wide, 12.9cm deep, 45.5cm high

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