Dynamometric Press

Nuova Ricambi

The Nuova Ricambi steel dynamometric tamper is ideal for those looking for regularity and consistency when pressing coffee for espresso. It allows you to adjust the force on the coffee grounds inside the portafilter.



Everything you want to know

Coffee tampering is essential for the quality and regularity of the extraction. In fact, being able to extract hundreds of espresso, with the same organoleptic characteristics, is the ideal working condition for every barista.

The dynamometric tamper, with which you can adjust the force and pressure that is exerted on the dose of ground coffee, can be of great help to ensure the regularity of our espresso.

Adjust the strength

Experiments have shown how a dose of 7 grams of coffee requires a pressing of about 16-18 kg (it also depends on the blend and roasting), a force that decreases to about 12 kg if you work with 8 grams.

With this dynamometric tamper you'll be able to control the pressure: turning the handle increases the pressure, turning it counterclockwise, decreases it. A series of notches on the disc will allow you to measure the pressure that's being exerted. A wider disk placed above the pressing one allows for an effective leveling of the coffee grounds.

An ideal tool for bars that, having several operators at the counter, want to offer a quality that is always the same.


  • Handle material: anodized aluminum
  • Base material: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 58 or 53 mm

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