Espresso coffee tamper

a sfera

A classic rounded tamper: efficient in avoiding any over-extraction or canalization of your espresso coffee.



Everything you want to know

The espresso tamper has become a real symbol of the barista's job. If you think about it, the World Barista Championship cup is a huge-tamper!

Today, coffee tampers have become very special and made in many different materials and styles. There are dynamometric ones, for example, which allow you to always apply the same force and colorful ones, with ergonomic handles which are great for those of you who have to make a lot of kilos of coffee every day.

This tamper is a very simple model, but it responds very well to the only real requirement that a tamper must have: to have a thick "pressing" part. This part must be high enough to allow us the so-called "octopus" grip of the hand. It is a coffee tamper with the characteristics for correct pressing, which does not lead to over-extraction and canalizations.


  • Material: steel
  • Diameter: 53 or 58 mm

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