Graduated espresso glass

for espresso coffee

A practical and convenient graded glass cup to measure the extraction of our espresso with the correct quantity and timing.


Everything you want to know

The time of extraction for 30 ml of espresso, including its crema, should be around 22-28 seconds. These 30 milliliters can be measured in order to obtain the perfect espresso extraction. In fact, if you have a longer extraction (more than 30 ml and 28 seconds), it can give the coffee more bitterness and caffeine whereas a shorter extraction (less than 30 ml and 22 seconds) this might give you more acidity and could bring unwanted aromas into your cup.

This graded glass marks the doses for the single espresso at 30ml and for the double at 60ml. This glass is made of pyrex which is the same material of which baking trays are made. Therefore no danger of getting burned!

We should always remember that measuring the quantity of espresso should be accompanied by weighing it, in order to find the optimal espresso weight of 30 grams. The quantity can in fact sometimes be distorted if we evaluate only the quantity, especially in very creamy coffees.


  • Material: glass
  • Max measured: 60 ml (double espresso)
caffè espresso in vetro

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