Infrared Thermometer for Roasting and Cooling

This digital infrared thermometer helps to maintain perfect temperatures throughout roasting and cooling!


Everything you want to know

When it comes to roasting coffee, the temperature is certainly one of the most important parameters to keep under control, even during the cooling phase.

The most experienced roasters claim that the coffee must cool from about 200°C to 30°C in a maximum of 5 minutes in order not to risk prolonging the roasting process for too long, developing bitter notes, and developing a flat sensory profile. 

This thermometer allows the perfect measurement of the temperature of the beans during cooling, in the cooling tank, or for home roasters even in sieves like these. Just point the thermometer towards your coffee beans to perfectly read temperatures that can range from -50°C to + 380°C.

  • T Double scale: ° C / ° F - 50 ° C -380 ° C / -58 ° F - 716 ° F
  • Answer: +/- 1 "
  • Display: digital
  • 9V battery: included

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