Roasted coffee cooling sieves

roasted coffee

These roasted coffee cooling sieves, with a wooden base and steel meshes are the most effective tool for the correct cooling-down of coffee beans after roasting.


Everything you want to know

One of the biggest problems for those who roast coffee at home is th cooling of coffee beans after roasting which is almost as important as the coffee roasting itself.

Coffee roasting consultants and trainers recommend taking no more than 5 minutes to get from 200 °C to 35 °C,  since an extension of this time would bring unwanted sensations into the cup.

Coffee roasting companies have cooling processes which work by air suction. But how do we solve this problem at home?

The answer are these very effective sieves

Like those made for the measurement of flour, but with larger steel meshes and with larger meshes  and of larger diameter, to comfortably cool up to a kilo of roasted coffee.


  • Material: wood and steel
  • Maximum roast in cooling: 1 kg
  • Diameter: 45 cm
tostatura caffè

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