Gene Caffè roasting machine

roasting machine

For those who want to start their coffee roasting experience. For bars who want to offer their customers a selection of coffees without having to equip themselves with complex structure flows.


Everything you want to know

Coffee roasting is a complex and fascinating art, which takes a lot of practice and skill. To gradually enter the world of coffee roasting and acquire all the necessary equipment, we recommend to start with this "entry level", practical and good quality roasting machine. Also ideal for the coffee roaster who wants to roast samples before the larger batches.

The Gene Caffè coffee roasting machine, is an affordable  machine that doesn't require installations. In fact, it'll give you excellent results on a small scale and will allow you to gain a lot of valuable experience in such a complex field.

This coffee roasting machine is sold all over the world (it also has the CE mark) and has a green coffee capacity of 300 grams. It would therefore even allow you to roast single origins for a small coffee shop. Furthermore, with the Gene Caffè you'll be able to set roasting profiles depending on the type of coffee and the result you want to obtain.

tostatura caffè

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