Nespresso capsules 100% Dolce Arabica

Nespresso compatible

Aromatic notes


Our offer of Compatible Nespresso Capsules by Mokaflor: 100% Arabica


Everything you want to know

A balanced blend of body and aromas, with low acidity finesse, creamy and sweet with distant hints of chocolate.


This blend gives us a hazelnut-colored crema with beautiful stripes in the cup, balanced to the taste between acidity and sweetness, with a very light and bitter sensation. On the nose, toasted bread notes of vanilla and light milk chocolate emerge.

Packaging: 10 capsules

How to use the capsule? You can carry out the separate waste collection of the materials that make up this capsule. The lower part in the plastic container (as it's 100% made of plastic), and the film that seals the capsule in the undifferentiated (being made of aluminum).

Compatibility: Nespresso and similar - check the information on the machine

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