Nitro Chargers ISI

For Nitro Siphon

The refill of the nitrogen cans for the Isi Nitro siphon, essential for continuing to prepare very creamy frozen Nitro Cold Brews.


Everything you want to know

Have you fallen in love with your ISI Nitro siphon (you can find it here) and Nitro Cold brew is never enough? You will most likely need a nitrogen refill to continue making iced, creamy drinks.

ISI Nitro Charger refills are high quality nitrogen refills, each can has 2.4g of pure nitrogen. ISI Nitro Chargers are made of high quality Bronze colored recyclable steel and are made in Austria. Each Nitro Charger is individually weighed to ensure full fill.

Perfect for preparing up to 1 liter of drink, they are offered in packs of 16 pieces that can only be used with the Isi Nitro siphon and do not fit other models.

Data sheet:

• Content: nitrogen
• Materials: stainless steel
• Color: bronze
• Quantity: 16 pcs / pack
• Recyclable exhausted refill (steel)
• Made in Austria

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