Puly Caff

espresso machine cleaning

Taking care of the equipment on a daily basis, cleaning them properly with the right products can help greatly improve the quality of the espresso we serve at our bar.

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Everything you want to know

Cleaning the coffee machine is essential. Taking care of the equipment on a daily basis and cleaning them properly with suitable products can help to significantly improve the quality of the espresso we serve at our bar. This is because the oils contained in the coffee are deposited on all parts of the equipment with which they come into contact.

Obviously, water is not enough for a thorough cleaning and it is necessary to use specific products such as Pulycaff. If used every day, it is able to keep the dispensing units, the drain solenoid valves and all the water passages perfectly clean and consequently your cups free from scents of burnt and rancid.

Pulycaff is the product designed for the professional barista who is looking for a specific product for the care of his espresso machine. Also for the Home barista who owns a professional or semi-professional machine with a drain valve and knows that for a good espresso you always start with a well-cleaned equipment.

How to use?

Cleaning the group with blind filter:

● pour a teaspoon equal to 3-5 gr of Pulycaff into the blind filter and attach the group

● start dispensing and stop it after 10 seconds. Repeat for 5 times

● Unhook the unit and dispense water repeatedly

● to rinse, repeat step 2 without Pulycaff product


Cleaning of filters and filter holders:

● pour 3 teaspoons equal to about 10 grams of Pulycaff into a liter of very hot water

● soak the filters and filter holders in the solution for 15 minutes

● rinse with plenty of running water


  • Pack of 900 gr

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