Puly Bar Hygienic

for oily coffee residues

This detergent is ideal for removing the oily residues released by the coffee in the bowl and in the dispenser of the coffee grinder, for example, before they spoil the quality of your beans.


Everything you want to know

Puly Bar Hygienic will immediately become your ideal companion for cleaning the external parts of your equipment, as the worktops and the showcase. We also use it to clean our home kitchen.

Being completely volatile, it does not require rinsing, leaves no odors and, in addition to completely eliminating traces of oils and grease, prevents the formation of germs and bacteria.

It can be used on any surface in: stainless steel, lacquered, painted, plastic, glass, mirrors, fixtures, cutting boards, cutlery.

The Puly Bar Igienic is designed for all professionals, baristas, restaurateurs looking for a quick-to-use product, without rinsing for thorough cleaning of all work surfaces.

  • 1 liter pack

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