Puly Milk

steam wand cleaning

The milk and in particular the fats contained in it tend to encrust the steam wand internally and externally with the heat. Finally a product intended for cleaning the steam wand: Puly Milk.


Everything you want to know

If you've ever worked on an espresso machine with a steam wand for frothing milk, it is the milk and in particular the fats it contains tend to stratify with the heat. On the steam outlet nozzle and inside the nozzle, deposits are created during the day which constitute fertile ground for the growth and development of bacteria.

Puly Milk is the specific product for cleaning the steam wand.

It is good practice for a professional to clean the steam wand after each use with a dedicated cloth, purge before and after each milk frothing cycle and rinse and rinse the milk jugs regularly. However, this is not enough to ensure the efficiency and daily cleaning of the machine.

Puly Milk allows us to eliminate all external and internal steam wand residues, in order to reduce the risk of bacterial development and increase the quality of the steam for our cappuccinos.

A product designed for the professional barista who always wants to have clean and efficient equipment and a perfect steam to create the ideal micro-texture for cappuccinos with a professional Latte Art.


How to use?

  • Insert the steam wand in 500 ml of water and a dose of product (use the measuring cap)
  • Activate the steam 7/10 times
  • Repeat the operation with water only to rinse
  • The water with the product can be used to clean and remove the smell of milk from milk jugs


  • Pack of 1liter

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