Sponge kit

steam wand cleaning

The Spokj sponge kit is designed to clean perfectly each steam wand after each frothing of milk, hygienic and burn proof


Everything you want to know

Every barista knows, or should know very well, that after each frothing of milk it is necessary to remove the residues from the steam wand with a cloth or sponge.

Unfortunately, a normal microfiber cloth or a classic sponge, even if used correctly, have the disadvantage of:

  • bad smell, difficulty in rinsing during work
  • do not prevent sunburn
  • leave your hands wet
  • easily become contaminated with coffee powder


Spokj is an innovative sponge, designed by an Italian start-up, a real tool designed and dedicated to cleaning the steam wand:

  • partially covered by a thermally insulating coating against heat and liquids,
  • easily and firmly grasped and washable both by hand and in the dishwasher. After a squeeze it immediately returns to its original shape.
  • if placed on a flat surface such as the grill of the espresso machine, there is no contact between the support surface and the sponge thanks to the protruding fins. This avoids or at least decreases the possibility of contamination.
  • Its shape is designed with a through hole where it is inserted
kit-2-spugne-per-la-pulizia-della-lancia-vapore-spokj (4)

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