Nanofoamer V2 milk frother


An unmissable accessory that allows you to froth milk perfectly without the need of a professional espresso machine.


Everything you want to know

How many times have we wished to replicate the cappuccino from the café at home? Without a machine with sufficient steam power, the results have not been the most satisfying.

The NanoFoamer™ version 2 is the second and improved edition of this fantastic tool, which offers a more affordable alternative to the traditional steam wand for achieving perfect microfoam that's latte art-friendly, ideal for creating artwork on the surface of your cappuccinos!

With its two filters (fine and superfine), it allows you to create a dense, bubble-free foam in just a few seconds, perfect for Latte Art as well.

  • Simply select the filter that suits the desired amount of foam.
  • Then, heat the milk to a temperature of 55/60°C,
  • insert the NanoFoamer just below the surface of the milk in the center of the pitcher,
  • press the button.
  • In the initial phase of foaming, it is recommended to keep the NanoFoamer in the center position to increase the foam.
  • In the later phase, it is advised to move the NanoFoamer towards one side to improve the texture and eliminate any remaining bubbles.

The package includes a wall-mounted adhesive holder and a protective case, making it convenient for travel or storing it safely in your kitchen drawer.

Technical specifications:

  • Digital on/off switch: no need to keep it pressed
  • Waterproof: can be rinsed under running water
  • Click-on nanoscreens
  • Replaceable polycarbonate impeller, more resistant to quick rotations in a fluid
  • 5mm stainless steel heavy-duty shaft
  • Included fine and superfine screens, available as replacements
  • Improved high-speed motor, approximately 10,000 RPM
  • Automatic shut-off after 90 seconds
  • New battery housing
  • Reduced internal vibrations
  • Includes protective cover and wall mount
  • Suitable for traditional milk or plant-based alternatives like Mylk, Oatly, Alpro, etc.
  • Runs on standard AA batteries

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