Tasting aromas kit

24 aromas

Do you want to become a real coffee sommelier? Inside this precious kit you will find a collection of the 24 most important aromas that can be detected in a cup of coffee.


Everything you want to know

This kit is essential when learning how to recognize aromas. This increases the pleasure of tasting and allows you to share your ideas with others. Furthermore, being able to recognize the aromas of coffee helps us to understand its variety, geographical origin and processing.

Our coffee aroma kit was designed by Aromaster (a company specialized in the creation of aroma kits dedicated to wine enologists and sommeliers) for all coffee professionals and anyone who wishes to deepen their "Sensory" knowledge. In fact, these aromas are used during one the exams to become a Q-grader.

The aromas contained in the kit are: 1. Lemon, 2. Apple, 3. Black Ribes, 4. Blackberries, 5. Cucumber, 6. Potato, 7. Hay, 8. Tobacco, 9. Malt, 10. Toast, 11. Vanilla , 12. Pepper, 13. Coriander seeds, 14. Clove, 15. Hazelnut, 16. Almond, 17. Cedron, 18. Honey, 19.Chocolate, 20. Caramel, 21. Smoked, 22. Caram, 23. Leather, 24. Earth

This kit is perfect for the barista, the roaster and the enthusiast who wants to improve their sensory analysis map dedicated to coffee and to best develop their sense of smell in order to describe their cups.

How to use this kit?

Shake one of the bottles well, open it, smell the cap and concentrate on discovering which aroma you can detect.


  • Case: in leather
  • N. of aromas: 24 aromas
  • Info-graphic with all the aromas

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