Smart Kettle


A Pour-Over kettle with settable temperatures, equipped with a precision pourer thanks to a modern and compact design.


Everything you want to know

When making coffee, even the smallest variation of a few degrees in water temperature will lead to very different results in your cup.

With this Varia electric kettle, the barista can constantly monitor their variables with an easy-to-use display.

The Varia Smart Kettle brings the water to a set temperature In less than 5 minutes and holds it for about an hour. The temperature can be set from 60°C to 99°C thanks to the LED display hidden in the base.

Its precision "Goose Neck" spout, its lightness, the 1-liter capacity, as well as the  modern design make it the perfect companion in the preparation of a filter coffee with manual pour-over methods both for home use and coffee shops. 

Its easy-to-set temperature is also great for tea preparations. Did you know that black tea needs a higher water temperature than green or white tea, for example? 


  • Temperature control settable to 60 °C - 100 °C
  • Temperature maintenance function
  • Minimal design and led display
  • Black color
  • Materials: Stainless steel and ABS
  • Capacity - 1000ml

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