Wooden cupping spoon

Wood'n Coffee

Directly from Brazil, a cupping spoon created by hand, using the wood of coffee plants by Thiago Wulfertt from Wood’n Coffee.


Everything you want to know

Wood'n Coffee is a company with a sustainable soul which aims to give a new life to coffee plants by replanting them periodically and using their wood to create cupping spoons. By reusing this wood, they avoid old plant combustion and therefore the release of CO2.

Wood'n Coffee was born from the idea of Thiago Wulfertt, a Brazilian craftsman who produces these spoons entirely by hand, perfect for the taster who doesn't want to go unnoticed. Each spoon comes with its own jute case. In fact, it's the same bag used for coffee bales, fully lined and equipped with a zip closure.

A perfect object for the barista, the roaster and coffee lover, who wants to take part to a coffee tasting session in a professional and cool way.

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