Brewing coffee set

for filter coffee



A set dedicated to filter coffee lovers prepared with one of the coolest coffee dripper of the moment, the Hario V60.

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Everything you want to know

If you want to give yourself the pleasure of a cup of filter coffee to accompany your days, this is the set for you.

Filter coffee is by nature a longer drink than espresso. If prepared with the right equipment and with a coffee designed for this extraction method, it can give unparalleled aromatic sensations.

The Brewing coffee set contains:

  • Rwanda Nova Cafe de Mamas Peaberry - Specialty Coffee - 250 gr
  • Mexico La Concordia - Specialty Coffee - 250 gr
  • V60 01 Hario in plastic
  • Hario 01 glass server - 360ml
  • Pack of Hario 01 paper filters

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