Specialty Coffee Set

journey into the world of coffee

A set made of three Specialty Coffees, sustainably grown in small farms, with a high cupping score and traceability.

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Everything you want to know

A journey to discover the world of coffee, through micro lots of the highest quality, from small farms and selected by our team of Caffèlab experts.

Each coffee tells different aromas, flavors and stories. Stories of farmers who meticulously grow and cultivate coffee with passion and thanks to the use of special processing techniques that respect the biodiversity and environment that surrounds them.

This Specialty Coffee set includes:

  • MEXICO - La Concordia: A coffee grown on the heights of Chiapas, for a cup with good body and a marked sweetness, certified Organic/ Bio
  • COLOMBIA - San Alberto: A specialty coffee grown by a  community of 22 women in the mountain region of San Alberto in Colombia and carrying out a project of social and environmental sustainability.
  • ETHIOPIA - Aramo Kebele: A fruity and floral Specialty Coffee, one of the best batches of the Yirgacheffe region, cultivated at an altitude of 2000 mt a.s.l.


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