“Brewing in un libro”

basic and intermediate level manual

The brand new volume of the “Caffè in un libro” series by Andrej Godina covers all the coffee extraction methods, from Ibrik to Cold Brew.


Everything you want to know

Coffee, the most spread drink in the world, and all its possible extractions: percolation, infusion, cold methods, "pour over", with or without pressure or filtration, all descript in practical cards and tutorials with recipes.

A long path from the bean, with an introduction to the history of coffee, hints of botany, cultivation and processing, roasting, grinding and packaging. An entire chapter is dedicated to water, a fundamental ingredient for the success of the extraction, coffee tasting and its story.

All the basic extraction parameters for brewing are analyzed and clarified within this volume, from the Brew Ratio, to the correct particle size, to 3T (temperature, turbulence and time)and the different types of filters.

Each extraction method (French Press, Areropress, V60 Hario, Siphon, Chemex, Kalita, Moka. Napoletana, Clever Coffee, Dripper, Electric filter machine, Cold Brew Drip, Cold Brew Infusion, Ibrik, Flower Kalita, Flower Chemex, Metal Dripper , Metal Cone, Kompresso, Bravo Brewer) is contained within a card that tells its history, characteristics and preparation parameters, all supported by Qr-Code that refer to video tutorials that make Brewing in a book a real interactive support tool for the barista and Coffee Lover

  • available only in Italian!

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