“Tostatura in un libro”

roaster manual

“Tostatura in un libro” is a technical manual, written in Italian, that aims to guide the roaster in all stages of the coffee roasting process, in order to obtain a high quality product.


Everything you want to know

Roasting coffee is a complex process that requires a lot of practice and deep knowledge about the chemical and physical changes that the bean goes through during roasting.

Every single coffee requires a different setting of the roasting parameters in order to achieve the best roast profile.

This manual, the first available about this subject, intends to provide the roaster with all the necessary tools in a simple and clear way. It also supports with practical tips at a basic and intermediate level. The goal is to acquire knowledge on how to roast coffee in the best possible way.

Discover more about the Rate of Rise, the development time, the loss in weight, the density of the beans and the roasting curve. And again, learn about how to use the colorimeter, the Cropster program and IKAWA Pro platforms for quality control. These are all basic informatiosn for the training of the roaster.

The authors of the book, Andrej Godina and Massimo Barnabà, are two coffee experts who work in Italy and abroad. The theoretical foundations and accumulated experience have made it possible to collect all that is important to know about the coffee roasting process.

  • available only in Italian!

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