“Caffè Verde in un Libro”

Green coffee manual

“Caffè Verde in un Libro” is a technical manual, written in Italian, that aims to guide the coffee professional in all stages of the the coffee chain, from plantation to the roastery. 


Everything you want to know

The "Caffè Verde in un libro" manual deals with basic and intermediate level topics of the Green Coffee world, start right from the plantation. The book explains in-depth the origin of the plant,  gives notions of botany, with an overview of the production countries and dicovering the daily life of a farmer in a plantation, the harvest and the process of the Coffee fruits.

In this volume, the two authors and coffee experts, Andrej Godina and Alberto Polojac, present  an overview of the main topics related to green coffee, with the aim of spreading culture by focusing on the quality of the raw material.

Ensuring effective quality control on green coffee requires expertise in the field of defect classification of the beans and sensory ananlysis applied to the cup, through the "brazilian" cupping method.

One chapter is dedicated to the coffee markets and commodity exchanges that list Arabica coffees in New York and Robusta coffees in London.

This manual has been designed to catapult the reader on a real journey into the world of coffee. A journey, however, seen from the perspective of the farmers who work on the plantation and also of those who taste hundreds of cups every day, to ensure the best quality beans to markets around the world.

  • available only in Italian!

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