The espresso leveler is an innovative accessory designed to guarantee an evenly distributed ground coffee inside the filter before tampering.



Everything you want to know

How the coffee grounds are distributed inside the porta-filter before pressing, is one of the most important steps when preparing espresso. A coffee panel with a homogeneous density is the first step to avoid the phenomenon of Channeling. This term means that water finds preferential "paths" to move through the coffee grounds and doesn't properly extract all the soluble components.

An innovative tool dedicated to the professional barista, who doesn't want to leave anything to chance. This tool is being used more and more frequently during barista competitions, such as the World Barista Championship.

This espresso leveler consists of two parts: one black, which rests perfectly on the edge of the filter and the other in steel (which is similar to a fan). It perfectly distributes and levels the coffee grounds inside the filter before pressing through rotation.

Entirely Made in Italy by Motta, it can be adjusted in height to adapt to filters of different capacities and dosages. With our tests we've measure that the consistency of extraction considerably increases even when there are different baristas operating the espresso machine.

Only fits 58mm porta filters


  • Color: Black
  • Base Material: Steel
  • Base diameter: 58 mm
  • Weight: 400 gr

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