Cleaning brushes kit

for barista

The brush kit is an indispensable friend of the barista who, rightly, always wants to have the station tidy and clean


Everything you want to know

How many times does it happen to go into a bar and see coffee powder everywhere on the counter, especially near the coffee grinder?

This, in addition to being a bad image for the customer, also becomes a loss of efficiency of the workstation. We know that all coffee grinders, instant or with dispenser, tend (some more, some less) to distribute a little dust outside the filter holder that we must quickly remove to avoid accumulations.

This kit consisting of two brushes, in particular the larger one, are designed precisely for this, "clean as you go" (clean as if you have to go away), for workstations that are always tidy and efficient. And the little brush? Very useful for reaching places where we can hardly reach, from the millstones to the star of your dispenser.

They are brushes designed for the professional barista who wants to keep his workstation constantly tidy, avoiding contamination and speeding up his work.

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