Coffee Mixer

stainless steel

A simple but effective tool for distributing ground coffee in the filter and breaking all the electrostatic clumps created by the coffee grinder.


Everything you want to know

The distribution of coffee in the filter before tamping is a fundamental element for a good espresso. Every barista knows that having a panel of coffee with a homogeneous density is very important.

Unfortunately, coffee grinders often do not distribute the coffee in the filter precisely and during grinding they charge the grind with electrostatic energy that turns into clumps of ground coffee that, once pressed, favor the creation of channeling.

One of the latest innovations to combat this problem is the coffee Mixer, a tamper with a black handle and many steel needles to be rotated on the ground coffee to make it homogeneous.

This Motta-branded version, entirely Made in Italy, can be used on any filter holder (even in the moka!!) and from the tests we have conducted in our school, it significantly increases the consistency and quality of extractions.

Technical Data Sheet

  • Color - Black
  • Needle Material - Steel
  • Weight - 99.5gr

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