Cupping bowls


Tasting coffee without being influenced by its color: with these professional cupping bowls, the Brazilian cupping becomes even more interesting to carry out.


Everything you want to know

Cupping, often called “Brazilian cupping", is a very important tasting method to better identify the characteristics of a batch of coffee. Among these, we find the aromas, the body, the intensity of the flavors or any defects the coffee might have.

The high quality ceramic cups perfectly meet the requirements of the SCAA protocol. They also have a diameter of 8.8 cm and a black curved internal base.

The internal color is one of the main characteristics of these Cupping Bowls. In fact, those who practice professional tasting know very well that the color of a coffee can greatly influence expectations and condition when tasting.

Moreover, for this reason we very frequently see tastings carried out in environments with a red light which neutralizes the color of the coffees.

These cups are specifically designed to allow tasters to focus on the aromas and flavors of coffee without being influenced by its color.

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