Flat Coffee Tamper

58 mm - Caffèlab

A tamper with a unique and innovative design that combines precision, reliability and ergonomics.

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Everything you want to know

In the 2015 World Barista Championship, the English champion Maxwell Colonna Dashwood had aroused curiosity for a flat tamper, with an innovative design.

This Caffèlab customized version by Motta is entirely Made in Italy. It's aim is to uniformly compact the entire coffee panel before extraction, minimizing the possibility of error and pressure variations.

Furthermore, its ergonomic shape has been designed to reduce the risk of injuries that are not uncommon after a full day of work at the espresso machine.

This tamper is also made of two parts: the black top which rests perfectly on the edge of the filter and the steel surface which is in touch with the coffee grounds. It can also be adjusted in height to adapt to filters of different capacities and different dosages.


  • Base: 58mm
  • Material: tempered stainless steel
  • Colors: Black

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