Intro to Coffee video course

The SCA Coffee Introduction Course aims to introduce you to the world of coffee and its supply chain. From planting to roasting, up to the cup. The ultimate goal is to give to professionals and enthusiasts a starting point in the study of this fascinating product.


Everything you want to know

  • History of coffee and its use: Ethiopia, Islamic world up to the worldwide spread of the product
  • The Plant: species and varietals: from Caturra to Blue Mountain, from Typica to Castillo
  • Differences between Arabica and Robusta: production, market, and results in the cup
  • Fruit harvesting and processing techniques: manual or mechanical selection, washed or natural
  • Roasting, blending, and packaging: from the differences in the roasting color to the different kinds of blends
  • The Espresso Machine: development and different technologies
  • Extraction of an Espresso Coffee: grinding, weight, pressing, and extraction times
  • Introduction to Professional Tasting: balance between acid and bitterness, body, aftertaste, and aromatic sensations.
  • Other Extraction Systems in Brewing: Infusions and Percolations
  • The world of Specialty Coffee: a branch of the industry that promotes coffee with unique characteristics by aiming for the highest product quality

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