“L’assaggio del caffè in un libro”

basic and intermediate level manual

The brand new volume of the “Caffè in un libro” series by Andrej Godina covers all the coffee coffee cupping and tasting sensory skills


Everything you want to know

In our country, the homeland of espresso, coffee is still considered a product largely undifferentiated, supporting actor of breakfasts, breaks from work, and end of the meal to which we do not ask a particular performance, if not to be too unpleasant and to awaken attention.

This wonderful product actually has a lot more to say and can play a leading role. To transmit it to the consumer it is necessary to intrigue him and inform him about the varied experience that can be made around a cup of coffee and the many emotions that a sip can arouse.

It is necessary to start by recognizing its faults, and then go on to appreciate its sweetness and a series of sensorial nuances that will surprise anyone curious to discover them.

The wish is to discover the world of our senses, to learn to have fun when we eat or drink something and to rediscover the extraordinary opportunity of conviviality that coffee offers us every day. From now on, we carefully choose the coffee we consume. After all, as someone has already said, life is too short to drink bad coffees!

This book is only available in Italian!!

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