Milk Jug for Plant-based drinks

for cappuccino & Latte Art

The Motta milk jug cannot be missing among the fundamental tools of every barista, for the creation of cappuccinos and Latte Art.



Everything you want to know

One of the main trends in coffee shops in recent years is definitely the introduction of plant-based drinks that are increasingly requested as an alternative to cow's milk by a clientele that is always more health-conscious and eager to taste something different.

Soy Cappuccino, Almond Cappuccino, Oat Cappuccino, to offer these, and many other drinks in coffee shops, avoiding cross-contamination between different drinks, which in some cases can be dangerous due to allergies and intolerances, it is essential to use dedicated milk frothers for each of these.

For this reason, on Caffelab we have introduced a new series of Motta steel milk jugs, made in Italy, with a colored band and the indication of the drink used, perfect also for latte art.

  • Size 50cl
  • Material Steel
  • Colors: Oat Yellow, Soy Green, Almond Orange

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