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Our offer of Nespresso compatible capsules by Mokaflor: single origin from Brazil Alta Mogiana Franca


Everything you want to know

Brazilian coffees are distinguished by their natural roundness, giving an extremely clean cup that binds to any other origin without overpowering the taste. They are therefore frequently used as a base for blends. It's impossible to speak of one classic Brazilian coffee, because of the vastness and variety of this country.

This is an Alta Mogiana coffee, a product with an intense body, good acidity and a nice medium sweetness, typical from Brazil.


The crema of this coffeehas a hazelnut color, with slight reddish hues. We can detect aromas of toast and biscuit, in some cases of cocoa biscuit. To the taste, the coffee has a medium body and a very pleasant sweetness, harmonized by a slight bitter sensation and a very soft acidity.

Packaging: 10 capsules

How to dispose of the capsules? You can carry out the separate collection of the materials that make up the capsule. The lower part in the plastic (being made 100% plastic), and the film that seals the capsule in the undifferentiated waste (being aluminum).

Compatibility: Nespresso and similar - check the instructions on the machine

We would like to inform you that the Nespresso capsules from India and Brazil, eligible for the current 50% discount promotion, have an expiry date of 25.10.2023. Please consume them by that date.

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