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Unico Splendor

Classic and elegant design, with a thermo-compensated E61 model group and professional performance. The Unico Splendor is a coffee machine, made for whoever believes a espresso coffee machine should also be a piece of design, together with the best performance results and high quality of materials.


Everything you want to know

Unico Splendor is an elegant espresso coffee machine with a vintage design, developed by our Florentine coffee roasting company Mokaflor.

The elegance and quality of this machine makes it ideal not only for the home use but also for hotels, corporate boardrooms, professional offices, bistros, wine bars, small restaurants. In fact, the Unico Splendor is ideal for all situations in which,  the quality of the espresso must meet the elegance of the context even when the volumes are not high. The Unico Splendor machines are built entirely of steel and brass, made with invisible welding and laser perforated grids.

The machine is also designed to use both with the classic ground coffee or coffee pod system. The extraction group is based on that of the legendary E61. Experts will have no difficulty in recognizing this method, the famous thermo-siphonic system, which first introduced thermal and extraction stability to the world of espresso. In this specific case, the three-liter boiler and the pre-infusion set of 4 seconds, allow for a professional espresso to be made.

One more detail: the filters are of 58 mm, therefore cut for most of the tampers on the market.

What about cappuccino? Absolutely yes! The dimensions of the boiler and the  lance which is adjustable according to the size of the milk jug with a three-holed tip, were designed together with the Royal BFC of Treviso and are ideal for a great cappuccino foam.

A machine made for restaurants, small hotels and shops where quality and design play an important role


  • Professional thermo-compensated brewing unit
  • Vibration pump that can give a pressure up to 14 atmospheres
  • Copper boiler with thermo-siphonic circuit which brings the water to a temperature of 90°C degrees
  • Steam wand for the preparation of cappuccino
  • Water lance for the preparation of tea or other hot drinks
  • Automatic water leveling
  • Internal tank (3 liters)

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