Refractometer Atago


The Atago Refractometer has a strong impact on the quality of the cup of coffee, keeping the liquid concentration, profiles and coffee extraction methods under control.


Everything you want to know

The refractometer is a digital instrument that allows you to measure the refractive index of a liquid. In the scientific measurement of coffee extraction, this is used to accurately calculate the concentration of dissolved solids within the beverage, the TDS.

This parameter, together with our brew ratio, is essential to calculate the extraction percentage of the coffee bean to accurately assess whether the extraction is correct, over-extracted or under-extracted and to modify the parameters accordingly.

The Atago refractometer is extremely accurate and can measure down to the second decimal -0.01% with a very stable measurement.

While it works very well even with freshly roasted coffee samples, we recommend that you allow the coffee to cool down to room temperature before measuring and clean the slide perfectly with water after each use.

The Atago refractometer has two buttons:

  • ZERO: to calibrate the refractometer before and to clean
  • START: to start the reading of the instrument

With the first reading, the Atago refractometer shows the measured value in Brix degrees, but by holding down the start button after a few seconds the data will be converted into TDS.

For greater precision, take 2/3 readings for each coffee sample

If you measure coffee samples extracted with methods that use metal filters (espresso, French Press) always filter the samples with a paper filter before taking the measurement.

A perfect tool for the professional barista who wants to scientifically monitor all parameters of the coffee extraction.



- Scale: Brix, TDS, Temperature
- Measurement range: TDS 0.00 / 22.00%
- Resolution: 0.01%
- Accuracy: 0.10%
- Ambient temperature: 10 ° / 40 °
- Measurement time: about 5 seconds
- Sample volume: at least 3 ml
- Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
- Size: 5.5x3.1x10.9cm
- Weight: 100 gr

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