Coffees of the world set

journey into the world of coffee



Dive into a real journey through the world of coffee with these three single origin and traceable coffees.


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Everything you want to know

Create your own single origins set or select our standard Coffees of the world Set made of three single origins.

Travel with us to the homeland of coffee, Ethiopia, passing through the spectacular volcanoes of Costa Rica and over to the number one coffee producing country, Brazil.

Enjoy these three single origin coffees of 250 gram, each with their own characteristics and aromatic qualities. From the intense aromas of the Ethiopia Sidamo, to the sweet notes of the Costa Rica Tournon SHB over to the chocolaty body of the Alta Mogiana Brazil.

If you'd rather create your own,  customize your coffees of the world set by selecting three single origin from the following list:

  • Brazil Alta Mogiana
  • Ethiopia Sidamo Gr.2
  • Guatemala Antigua Pastores
  • Mexico Altura HG Ep Turquesa
  • Santo Domingo Barahona


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