Single origin & Specialty Coffees

Discover our unique selection of Single Origin & Specialty coffees. Here you will find some of the most famous coffees in the world: from Nepal single farm coffees to the legendary Jamaica Blue Mountain and Ethiopia Sidamo. To be determined as "Specialty", a coffee needs to receive a score above 80 points, assigned by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). 


We roast our coffees on Tuesdays and Fridays! Then, if roasted for espresso preparation, they are degassed for 2-4 days.

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Crystal Mountains

9,98 7,98
INFUSO raccolto

Coffee flowers

Bolivia La Linda - infusion

11.55 €


Monsooned Parchment Karnataka

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rainforest robusta WCP

Mokaflor Farm 100% Robusta

Traceable Blend

7.70 €

What are single origin coffees?

These coffees come from one single country. It can also be a single farm or plot of land within a cooperative of small producers. Very special coffees, with a very specific story, traceable and roasted with their ideal and unique profile. 

Single-origin coffees can be roasted for espresso/moka or for filter/brewing. Each coffee can have a different roast profile depending on the variety. For filter / brewing we usually roast lighter, while for espresso and moka, the roast profiles are darker, in order to enhance the aromatic characteristics of the cup.


What's the difference between single origin and Specialty Coffees?

Specialty coffees are single origin and traceable coffees that have achieved a score above 80 points, according to the Specialty Coffee Association’s cupping protocol, carried out by professional and certified coffee tasters. 

These coffees are also “current crop“, which means they are harvested exclusively during the current year and therefore have a defined aromatic identity. Specialty Coffees are usually traceable, organic and support certified sustainability projects, to ensure that the coffee comes from farms that work in the upmost respect of humans and the environment.


Specialty Coffees are flawless in the organoleptic evaluation which is carried out according to a strict tasting protocol that defines the coffee cup’s aromas, taste and tactile sensations. The main reference parameters are: aromas, acidity, sweetness, body, aftertaste and balance. From this overall analysis we can detect the characteristics and defects of a coffee. 

These coffees are traceable. For us, coffee is what it should always be: a product of earth, fed by tropical rains, grown to the rhythm of nature. We establish direct relationships with Coffee Farms because we know and trust the farmers with their coffee processing methods. This is why we always get the most fresh and unique coffee.


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