Aramo Kebele

green-planet specialty


Moka/Espresso and filter

Aromatic notes


A fruity and floral coffee grown by 650 small producers on the heights of the Yirgacheffe region



Origin: Yirgacheffe

Finca: Aramo Kebele

Growth altitude: 2000 mt. a.s.l.

Variety: Heirloom

Processing method: Washed

Certifications: Specialty Coffee

Cupping score: 87 points

Everything you want to know

The district of Aramo is located in the central area of the plateau of Gedeo, known in the world of coffee by the name of Yirgacheffe, considered one of the reference points for the production of exceptional Ethiopian Specialty Coffees.

This lot consists of the production of 650 small producers cultivating small plots (1-2 hectares) at an altitude of 2000mt a.s.l.

These lands are typically divided between coffee and other crops that serve as subsistence for families or to be resold in regional markets. This coffee is of the Heirloom variety (ancient autochthonous variety) and is harvested by hand, with a selective picking of ripe fruits, between the end of October and mid of January. Once the washing station is reached, it is processed with the washed method. After a controlled fermentation of 36/48 hours, the beans are transferred to raised beds for drying which takes 12-15 days.

Our Aramo Kebele coffee is one of the best batches of the Yirgacheffe region and the cup has a fine and complex aroma ranging from more delicate notes of jasmine to the sweeter ones of honey and citrus Chinotto.

The fine acidity is well balanced by a medium body and a sweet aftertaste of chestnut honey. This coffee received 87 points by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) protocol.

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