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Moka/Espresso and filter

When experience combines with innovation and experimentation, we have selected four truly unique Colombian coffees, processed with the addition of fruits, spices, and aromatic woods. The new frontiers of specialty Coffees.

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Introducing our new line of infused coffees by Caffelab, specially designed for those who want to experiment with the latest in Colombian green coffee processing. We have carefully selected four lots of specialty coffee that have undergone a unique fermentation process using fruits, spices, or aromatic woods. This has resulted in a range of new, exciting coffee lots!

Our four specialty coffees are made from single varieties (Pink Bourbon and Castillo) and each has its own distinctive characteristics and aromatic qualities, which are expertly enhanced by our two different roast profiles - light for filter coffee and medium for espresso/moka.

Experience the exquisite tastes of our infused coffees with the following options:

  • Strawberry: Colombia - Finca Villarazo - Pink Bourbon - Honey + Strawberry
  • Passion fruit: Colombia - Finca Villarazo - Pink Boubon - Honey + Cinnamon
  • Cinnamon: Colombia - Finca Villarazo - Pink Bourbon - Honey + Passion Fruit
  • Rum Barrique: Colombia - Finca San Jose - Castillo - Washed + Rum Barrique

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