Moka Globe

E&B Lab

A coffee maker with a unique and elegant design, with a “competition” filter and a very fine and ultra-resistant glass element that makes the preparation of coffee a fascinating ritual.



Everything you want to know

The Moka Globe by E&B Lab is modern and refined, with its matt black tank and transparent glass upper part which allows you to admire the extraction of the coffee. This entirely Made in Italy Moka pot is ideal for 3-cups of coffee. It's different from all other models on the market not only because of its unique design, but also for the quality of its filter designed to enhance the coffee extraction with the Moka.

In fact, this filter has more yet smaller holes (diameter of 0.2 mm) compared to the traditional metal filters (≈ diameter of 0.8 mm) which are also usually less. This allows a perfect extraction by reducing the water pressure which could otherwise damage the paneled ground coffee inside the filter.

Thanks to this filter, which also retains much more of the fine particles of coffee, you'll be able to extract a cleaner drink and reduce bitterness. Therefore, you will also be able to increase the sweetness and balance of the coffee cup.



  • Material: aluminum, boro-silicate glass
  • Gasket: silicone
  • Filter: stainless steel - photo-etched membrane with 200 μm filtering capacity
  • Tank color: matt black
  • Capacity: 3 cups

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