Wadi Al Majhar



Moka/Espresso and filter

Aromatic notes


An exceptional coffee nano-lot, which obtained a 92pts cupping score! An explosion of floral and fruity aromas for an unforgettable cup of coffee.



Origin: Al Hayma, Al Majhar

Finca: Sheba Coffee

Growth altitude: 2.250 mt a.s.l.

Variety: Udaini

Processing method: Natural

Certifications: Specialty Coffee

Cupping score: 92

Everything you want to know


When we talk about the history of coffee, we can't not talk about Yemen, its historic port of Mocha, and the very high potential of coffee production in this country. Despite its social and political difficulties, Yemen is one of the most extraordinary coffee producing countries and still astonishes us with unique coffee lots like this Wadi Al Mahjar. When selecting this lot, we weren't only fascinated by the unique organoleptic profile and one of the highest SCA cupping scores we've ever tasted (92 points!) but also by the principles of social sustainability of the Sheba Coffee project, which supports small Yemeni coffee producers, through fair prices  (300% higher than what Yemeni farmers, unfortunately, usually perceive) as well as training support and advice regarding the improvement of agricultural practices.


Al-Hayma is a region located on the outskirts of the Sana'a province, Yemen's capital. This region is characterized mainly by an arid territory and harsh climate as well as the cultivation of coffee at high altitudes. Production in this area is quite low and, in some villages, no more than 15 tons of drupes are harvested per year, which corresponds to about 1.5 tons of precious coffee beans.

This remote mountain region is always the latest of  harvesting in the  Yemen region as the fruits take a long time to reach an optimum ripeness mainly due to the cold night temperatures which can drop as low as 6°C in the Al Mahjar area located at 2,250 mt a.s.l.

The Wadi Al Mahjar coffee lot is the result of the  production of tiny family farms, some of which cover just over 100 square meters of land planted with coffee and which ensure excellent care and selection of the coffee cherries during all stages of processing, from manual harvesting to the natural processing method.

This lot was presented and auctioned as “The Gems of Yemen” in 2020 and 2021, placing 1st and 6th respectively in the Al Hayama category.

Once harvested and selected manually, the coffee drupes are processed using the natural method, with a drying procedure on raised beds for 28/30 days.

In the cup, these tiny Peaberry beans bring an absolute explosion of aromas and taste, ranging from floral notes of Jasmine to fruity notes of Blueberry, ripe orange, and green apple up to sweeter notes of Honey and chocolate. Excellent balance, round body, as well as an intense and persistent aftertaste.

This lot of coffee received 92 points according to the SCA cupping protocol.

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